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Financial Aid Information


FAFSA- the form needed to determine eligibility for federal and state financial aid.

· Available free of charge at

· This form can not be filed until after January 1 of a student's senior year.

· This form is simply providing information to evaluate the family's ability to receive financial aide. It does not make parents accountable for the bill to college.

The CCS Profile Form- only required by a select number of schools (usually private) and some scholarship programs.

It is fee to fileSome schools require this form to be completed before January 1Check the profile website at to see if your school requires this form.

Other helpful financial aid websites

Are you an 18 year old male? Have you registered for the selective service? It is the law that you register for selective service. In addition to being the law you must be registered in order to be eligible for federal student loans and grants as well as many job training opportunities. You can register on-line at .


This is money that does not have to be paid back. This can come from the college you attend or from private sources. Awarding scholarships is usually based on achievement (measured by SAT or GPA), need, and/or talents and interests.

One website with scholarship information that you may find useful is .

At SchoolSoupthere is a database of scholarships available. The website is easy to use – you simply answer some questions, and are immediately presented with hundreds of scholarships. And best of all, it's free and is updated on a daily basis. Cappex is an online scholarship match database that is free to high school students. The site allows students to access scholarship applications directly from the site listings. In addition to scholarship searches, the site has online tools to let student know how they compare to other admitted college students.

Bucktail High School guidance office maintains a bin of current scholarship applications. It is updated frequently, be sure to check often.


Money given by the state and federal government that does not have to be paid back. State and federal grants are awarded based on financial need as determined by information on the FAFSA.


Money borrowed by student or their parents and must be paid back.

Work Study

Money is removed form the tuition bill like a grant or scholarship or the student is paid while working through the school. You have to indicate on the FAFSA form that you are willing to receive this option.


Reserve Officer Training Corps. Is a program offered at many colleges and universities that prepares students to become officers in the U.S. Military. In exchange for a paid education students commit to serve in the Military after graduation. Each service branch has its own ROTC. For more information go to:


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