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College Search - Questions and Considerations


College Search

Possible Questions and Considerations

State schools vs Private Schools

Total costs (tuition, room & board, transportation to and from, etc)

Financial aide packages and/or school-based scholarships (merit,

athletic, etc.)


Faculty contact (faculty/student ratio; percentage of classes taught by

faculty not assistants)

Campus and community location and safety

Diversity of students

Social life (Greek organizations, athletics school spirit, clubs

organizations etc) Percentage of students that leave for the weekend

Religious Affiliations

Housing options (dorms, apartments, living at home)

Admission criteria

Graduation placement rate

College search websites Allows search using a variety of factors, including ethnicity, religious affiliation, tuition, disability services, and graduation rate. A site maintained by the US Department of Education Institute of Education Sciences. This is a great beginner's site containing information about the entire college selection process. It also contains parent-specific information (click on "for Parents" in blue at the top).


College representatives are admissions counselors who visit high schools in search of qualified students who with to apply for admission. See the Guidance Counselor for a list of scheduled representatives.

Considerations When Meeting with Admissions Counselors at High School

1. Make a good impression! Introduce yourself, shake hands, make eye contact and smile.

2. If you have a scheduled appointment, be on time.

3. Listen to the speaker, be respectful and ask any questions you have.

4. Take the representative's card if you are offered one. You may need it at a later date.

5. Thank the representative for their time


It is essential you visit the colleges and universities you are interested in. You will not get a true feel for the campus and offerings until you visit.

1. If you are going during the school day, make sure to get a brown card.

2. Plan your visit. Check the school's Admissions Office website for visitation days and procedures for visiting on alternative days.

3. If possible, visit when school is in session. Try to see classes in your planned major course of study.

4. Consider staying over night. Many schools have programs in which students volunteer to house and escort potential students. This planning can be done through the Admission's Office.

5. Include your parents/guardians in your visit.

6. After each visit, list positives, negatives and general impressions of each school.


Questions for Admissions Counselor

1. Where is student housing in relation to classes? If spread out, is there a shuttle? How late does it run?

2. Ask them to explain the security features of the campus and dorms.

3. How large is the security force?

4. What services are offered by the campus health center?

5. Is there a nearby hospital?

6. What are the career planning services for seniors? What is the placement rate?

7. What are scholarship opportunities?

Questions for current student

8. How many courses do professors teach versus teaching assistants?

9. What is the average size of classes? Largest class? Do most freshmen have class lectures in an amphitheater?

10. What are the strong majors? Weak majors?

11. How adequate is the computer network?

12. Describe the social life on campus? Suitcase campus? Fraternities and sororities?

13. How hard do you have to work for your grades?

14. How is the advisement system? Do you feel the professors are caring and invested in the students?

Questions to consider during your visit

15. While waiting were the staff and students friendly?

16. What was the admissions office like? Friendly, useful lots of information? Cold sterile, not much information? Were they prepared for your visit?

17. What were the students like? Did they seem to match your personality and needs?

18. What do you like about the campus? What don't you like? Think about all the seasons.

19. Do freshmen live in their own dorms? Do they have single sex or co-ed dorms?

20. Are the dorms quiet or noisy? Do they seem crowded?

21. What is the condition of the athletic fields?

22. How is the quality of the food? What is the meal plan like?

23. Is there much to do on campus? Off campus, but close?


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