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College Applications



1. Apply Early

a. Early decision/action applications should be completed in advance of the due dates.

b. Regular decision applications should be completed no later than the December break.

c. Check application deadline. Note difference between postmarked and received.

2. Use proper grammar and punctuation

a. This document represents you and your abilities. (you are not talking to nor texting a friend)

3. Stay organized

a. Create a folder for each school. Maintain copies of documents, emails, and relevant correspondence.

4. Application – Common Application

a. This is a universal application that is accepted by many school across the country allowing you to send the same form electronically to all schools. Some schools require supplements. Check your school's participation at

5. Letters of Recommendation

a. Consider who will give you a strong letter of recommendation.

b. Ask teachers for letters of recommendation long before you need them.

c. At least one recommender should be a core subject teacher (Math, English, Science, History)

d. Allow 10 school days from request to follow up with the teacher

e. Ask for the recommendation in person.

f. Give them a due date.

g. Provide any relevant information from the school and complete any necessary information at the top of the form. You may also need to provide a copy of the cover sheet.

h. When given the choice, it is a good idea to "waive" your right to access the recommendation. This indicates to the college that the person writing the recommendation is being totally honest.

i. Let the person writing the recommendation know what to do with it once it is completed.

j. Follow-up with your teachers to ensure the forms have been completed.

k. If you are utilizing the Common Application format for references, inform your recommending teacher that they should expect an email with login information.

l. Make sure you loaded the recommender's email address correctly.

m. After the recommendation is written, give your writers a written thank you note.

6. Essays

a. Not always required, but if offered as an option, be sure to complete one. A well written essay could make the difference.

b. Pay attention to the question or prompt. Ensure you are answering or writing about what was asked or requested.

c. Revise and proof. Have at least 3 people read your essay. One should be an English teacher.

d. Follow all format requirements. (page length, margins, word counts, etc.)

e. Be positive. Even if writing about something you overcame or a negative situation.

f. Be creative.

g. Be honest about yourself

7. Transcripts

a. Complete a transcript request form located in the main office or at the guidance office. Allow three school days for completion of the transcript request.

8. Mid year grades

a. Complete a transcript request form located in the main office or at the guidance office. Allow three school days for completion of the transcript request.

9. School Information

a. School address:

b. Phone numbers

c. Guidance Counselor: Krista Shadle-Smith

d. Principal: Justin Evey

e. Email address This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

f. CEEB and ACT number



1. Athletes

a. If you plan to play intercollegiate athletics, you must register with the NCAA Clearinghouse.

b. You can do this at after the end of your junior year.

c. Click perspective student athletes

d. There is a $70 fee.

e. This process determine your academic eligibility for competitive athletics.

f. SAT score must be sent directly to NCAA (code 9999).

2. Students with Disabilities

a. Many colleges offer academic assistance programs

b. Look for their offices on each school's website.

c. While visiting schools, meet the people in this office

d. Check for needed documents (Some schools require new assessments)

e. Request these assessments from your IEP manager in writing early in your senior year, as the School Psychologist needs to plan this into their schedule.

f. Quality of service varies at each school, be sure to research this.

3. Military Academy Candidates

a. Begin the application process in your Junior year.

b. Preliminary application forms are available on line.

c. You must gain congressional nomination. Applications are typically available on your congressman's website. Provide all information to them promptly.

d. SAT/ACT is required.

e. All candidates undergo a medical and fitness exam

4. Specific Penn State Information

a. Penn State applications may be sent as of September 1.

b. The first official deadline is November 30th of the year prior to planned attendance, but it is recommended that you apply as early as possible.

c. Getting accepted to Penn State, University Park, is getting more and more difficult. You will need at least a 3.5 GPA and an 1800 on your SAT I, depending on your major.

d. There are less stringent requirements for branch campuses.

e. Few freshmen get into University Park. PSU is strongly urging the 2+2 enrollment—2 years at a branch campus and 2 years at University Park. Also, Penn State does not split scores; they accept scores from one test session only.

f. Penn State will ONLY accept SAT I scoresdirectly from the College Board. You can put Penn State as a school to receive your scores when you register or you will be required to pay an extra fee to send them later. Penn State will no longer accept the high school transcript as official documentation of test scores.


1. ROLLING ADMISSIONS—This indicates that there is no set deadline. Applications are accepted at any time. Students are accepted if they meet set criteria and when the quota for each department (major) is filled, admissions are closed. With rolling admissions, it is a good idea to apply early. On the other hand, if a school has not yet met its quota, applications may be accepted late in the school year.

2. ADMISSIONS DEADLINE—Many colleges and universities simply have an application deadline. All applications must be received by the given deadline in order to be considered for admission. The majority of "deadline schools" do not preview applications before the pre-determined deadline. There are some schools that organize the applications in the order they were received. Thus, it could be to your advantage, in some cases, to apply much earlier than the deadline.

3. EARLY DECISION—Students may apply Early Decision to ONE participating college or university, usually by mid-November. The Early Decision candidates are making a commitment to the university that, if chosen, they will indeed matriculate there. The decision for admission is generally made by mid or late December.

a. Once Early Decision candidates are selected for admission, they are expected to withdraw or cancel any other college applications.

b. Most Early Decision candidates have strong credentials. Non-accepted applicants are almost always deferred to regular decision. Schools that deny students access to the Regular Admission pool of applicants following an Early Decision denial are rare.

4. WAIT-LISTED—If you are placed on a waiting list, the college should indicate to you what your chances of admission are. Students are usually informed how many other students are on the list, where the student in question is on the list, and what percentage of wait listed students traditionally are accepted. If you are not provided with this data, you should request it from the institution.


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