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Bucktail Area High School Guidance


Parents and Students,

The links below contain valuable information that you might find useful as you begin to make plans for life after high school.

PA Online Schools - The link offers a wide variety of online schooling that Pennsylvania has to offer its students. Browse almost 70 schools of higher education ranging from: Universities, Colleges and Technical schools.

College Search - Possible questions and considerations to think about when selecting a college.

Career Resources -A list of resources to assist you with a career choice.

College Applications - Helpful tips and suggestions for completing College Applications .

Decision Making- Questions to guide you through the process of selecting the right school for you.

Extra Post Secondary Resources - A list of various resources to help with planning for post secondary education

Financial Aid - A list of resources and websites to direct you through the financial aide process.

PSAT/SAT/ACT- Which test is right for you?

Military - A recruiter phone number for each military branch as well as ASVAB test information.

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