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Safety Drills Information for Parents



Safety Drills

Information Sheet for Parents

Q:  Why does the Keystone Central School District perform safety drills in our schools?

A:  The district is bound by law as well as school policy to prepare students, faculty, and staff for emergency situations.  The goal is to be proactive and to provide the skills needed to keep our students safe and secure in our schools.  Schools are one of the safest places in our community, in part, because of the efforts made to educate and prepare for any emergency.

Q:  What kinds of drills are held in the schools?

A:  Drills for fire, severe weather, and lockdown situations are practiced in all schools.

Q:  How often do the schools practice the drills?

A:  Fire drills are held monthly, severe weather drills are held twice each year, and lockdown drills are performed quarterly.

Q:  When are students given prior notification that a drill is taking place?

A:  Student are aware that a drill is practice early in the year, particularly at the elementary level, as teachers work to guide students through the process.  Also, a drill is generally announced should a new procedure or modification to the current system be put in place. 

Q:  How do teachers prepare students for safety drills?

A:  Teachers have discussions with the students about the drills and the fact that the drills are done to keep them safe should an emergency arise.  The students have the opportunity to walk through the drills and ask questions.  Teachers use age appropriate vocabulary when talking to students about the drills in order to help students feel empowered but not fearful. 

Q:  When is prior notification of a drill not given to students?

A:  After some initial practice early in the year, drills are held without prior notification in order to help students take the drills seriously and put the safety steps they have learned into practice.  This also allows the administration to assess the effectiveness of the drills, and make any needed modifications to the current system.

Q:  How can parents help prepare students for safety drills?

A:  Parents should talk positively to students about the drills reiterating to them that the drills are done to keep everyone in the school safe.  It is important to reassure children that school is a very safe place and that these drills are one more effort to help them stay that way. 

Q:  Who should be contacted with any questions or concerns about safety drills?

A:  Parents should contact the building principal with any questions or particular concerns about the drills.  The school principal will gladly work with parents to resolve any issues.

Q:  What other things has the Keystone Central School District done to promote safety in our schools?

A:  Many upgrades and improvements have been made to the district’s security systems over the past few years.  Some of these improvements include maintaining our own police force with personnel to assist in our schools, constructing secure entrances, and upgrading to an electronic keying system.  The district also has a 911-notification system that alerts our police officers and the 911 center about any calls coming from any school phones.  Additionally, the district has worked with our county emergency management team to build a lockdown notification system that comes directly to our schools from our 911 center.  The district has contracted with NaviGate, a security company, to provide an on-line system housing our emergency plans and school floor plans that can be accessed by our administration, teachers, and county police and fire officials.  We have also established both building and district-wide safety committees that are charged with assessing the safety of our buildings and grounds. The district is committed to safety, and will continue to work diligently to provide a great education in a safe and secure environment.   


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