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Power Announcement Notification System

power-announcement-logo Receive Notifications about School Closings, Delays,
Early Dismissals, and other Urgent Announcements

In addition to posting weather-related and other time-sensitive announcements on the District's homepage, Power Announcement integrates with our Student Management System to proactively send out announcements, via email, text/SMS, and telephone call.  Additionally, these announcements can be tailored to specific buildings, if necessary.  For example, if students are being dismissed early from one particular school building due to a water main break that ONLY effects that building, ONLY parents and guardians of students in that building will be notified.

You can update your contact information in the Parent Portal portion of PowerSchool, or print the PDF linked below, fill it out and return it to school to be processed.

pdfPower Announcement - Update Information Form


For parents and/or guardians who have access to the Parent Portal, you can review and, if necessary, modify your notifications settings.  Please read through these steps to familiarize yourself with the screens before making any changes.  At the bottom of this page, there are a few examples of how notifications can be set up.

  1. Login in to your Parent Portal account (click here to open a new Login Window to the Parent Portal).
  2. Once you log in, click on the Power Announcement link (indicated by number 1).
  3. In the "Preferences By Message Type" (indicated by number 2/area 2), select how you want to receive noticiations.  Some options may be pre-selected.
  4. Click on the "Expand All" button (indicated by number 3).  This will expand the "Preferences By Contact Field" and "Preferences By Message Category" sections.


  5. Scroll down to see the "Preferences By Contact Field" and "Preferences By Message Category" sections.
  6. Some information may already appear in the Phone/Email/Cell sections (indicated by number 4/area 4).  Verify this information is correct and up-to-date.  Even if you do NOT want to receive regular announcement notifications, you may want to fill in this information because in the event of an EMERGENCY, this information will be used to contact you (regardless of all other notification settings).
  7. Select the method you want to be notified by (indicated by number 5/area 5).
  8. In the "Preferences By Message Category" section, select which events you want to be notified by each method (indicated by number 6/area 6).  Please note, the check box that corresponds to the particular message type is to the right of the label.
  9. Click the "Save Preferences" button (indicated by number 7) to save your changes.



Examples/Scenarios:  (these are only examples, these are NOT your ONLY choices)

  • You want to receive text message/SMS alerts to your cell phone about School Cancellations:
    1. Check "Contact me using Text Messaging" in Area 2.
    2. Make sure your Cell phone number is in the proper field in Area 4
    3. Make sure the corresponding "Send Text" checkbox is selected for your cell phone number in Area 5
    4. Check the "Text" box on the line "School Cancellation Messages" in Area 6.
    5. Click the "Save Preferences" button (number 7).

  • You want to receive a telephone call to your home phone about Attendance Notifications:
    1. Check "Contact me using Phone Calls" in Area 2.
    2. Make sure your Day Phone number is in the proper field in Area 4
    3. Make sure the corresponding "Send Phone Calls" checkbox is selected for your Phone number in Area 5
    4. Check the "Voice" box on the line "Attendance Notifications" in Area 6.
    5. Click the "Save Preferences" button (number 7).

  • You can combine the above two steps to receive text messages on school cancellations AND telephone calls about attendence notifications.  Also, you will automatically receive all EMERGENCY NOTIFICATIONS.

  • SPECIAL INFORMATION:  We encourage you to fill in as much notification information as you can.  Even if you do not want to receive any school cancellations or general announcements, if we need to initiate an EMERGENCY NOTIFICATION, you will receive this announcement regards.


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