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Thursday, 29 May 2014 00:00

Physical Education Program (PEP) Grant

Keystone Central receives $280K grant for Wellness Initiatives

      The Keystone Central School District has been awarded $280,750.25 in the first year of a multi-year federal grant called the Carol White Physical Education Program (PEP) grant. This grant promotes both physical fitness and nutrition. 

     Monies provided by the grant will enable the district to focus on in-school, after-school, and summer recreation and nutrition-based activities involving partnerships with Lock Haven University HPE & Recreation departments, the YMCA, and the City Recreation Department.

     We operated on a philosophy that required us to continually find ways to supplement taxpayer’s dollars in meaningful ways and that’s why we did so with special emphasis on fitness and nutrition. These are the things that greatly matter when it comes to academic success.

     The PEP grant will fund a new state of the art Wildcat Fitness Center complete with cardio, fitness, and strength machines and  a new fitness test called the Fitnessgram. This test will help the district fulfill the evaluation phase of the Pep Grant. All Physical education classes will adopt new standards & performance based curriculum; the research-based SparkPE curriculum in grades K-5 and SportED in grades 6-12.

     Once the PEP money is received later this year, the district will begin to implement programs outlined in its application program which was entitled “Stepping Into The Future” or “SITTF”. The “SITTF” program will serve approximately 4,434 KCSD students in K through grade 12 as well as a host of community members for up to three years. Programs will take place at all Keystone Central Elementary Schools, the Central Mountain Middle School and Central Mountain High School and will focus on increasing students’ daily activity as well as their consumption of fruits and vegetables. The Ymca will institute SparkPE and SportEd at their facility for after-school student activities, and the Lock Haven Summer Rec program will institute SportPE in each of its playgrounds county-wide over the summer.


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