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Office hours: Monday - Friday (8 am - 4 pm)

Phone number:  570-893-4913

Fax number: 570-893-4635



* NEWS *

As of 2018 Quarter 4: KCSD Tax Office is the new tax collector for Local Service Tax for Lock Haven City. 

Effective January 1, 2019: Every business MUST file a Business Privilege Tax Return, regardless of the amount of tax owed. There is no exclusion of $20 or less. We advise all businesses and CPAs who are filing Business Privilege Tax on behalf of their clients to review the Business Privilege section of our website as there have been many changes including updated forms, regulations, and more.



Real Estate

ATTENTION: Real Estate Bills are now in the Penalty Period and must be paid at correct amount by December 31, 2018.

Make sure that all payments are paid with the penalty amount or they will be returned. 

KCSD Real Estate Tax Bills were mailed by July 1, 2018.

If you did not receive your bill, then you must contact our office to request a duplicate.

If you have issues with your bill: wrong address, incorrect or missing Homestead Farmstead credit, etc, then please contact the appropriate assessment office first.

If you have payment questions, then please contact our office.



Earned Income Tax 

State Match (Comparison) Letters will be mailed in 2019 for 2016. Please make sure your 2016 returns have been submitted to our office to avoid receiving a notice.  

Please read if you received a 2015 State Match Earned Income Tax Letter:

If you received a 2015 Pennsylvania Department of Revenue State Match comparison letter from our office, then either:

1) you failed to file a Final Local Earned Income Tax return with our office for that year


2) there is a difference in the amount of taxable income that you filed with the PA Department of Revenue and the KCSD Tax Office

If you failed to file a 2015 Local EIT Return with our office, then you must file a completed tax return, include all supporting documentation (W-2(s), PA Schedules, etc), and submit $20 late filing fee payment for each taxpayer.

 If you owe a payment, then additional interest and penalty will be added to your balance due.


 Make checks payable to the "KCSD Tax Office".


These letters are sent every year. Please read your letter carefully. It does not say that you owe a specific amount of tax. It states that either: 1) we did not recieve a tax return for 2015 OR 2) we found a difference in the amount that you filed with the State.


Please research your 2015 documentation before contacting our office & let us know if you have any questions!


Find your PSD code here:


Earned Income Tax Final Returns:

 If you moved during a tax year, then you must fill out the top portion of your Final EIT Return showing move dates for each address. Make sure that your tax return is prorated per Pennsylvania Act 32 Subsection (b) Section 502.




  Tax Payments for 2017 Final Earned Income Tax Returns WERE due on April 17, 2018. Interest and penalty will be assessed for any late payments. Extensions only apply to filing the return, not making payments.

All 2017 Final Local Earned Income Tax Returns filed after October 15, 2018 will be required to pay a $20 late fee per taxpayer.



Click here for Tax Appeals Information



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