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Office of Special Education and School Psychology

86 Administration Drive, Mill Hall, PA 17751
Telephone: 570-748-4660 • Fax: 570-748-3597

 Office Staff
Secretaries: Elizabeth Nace (ext: 2330) / Tammy Marino (ext: 2331)
Director of Special Education:  Marisha Cruz (ext: 2332) / Supervisor of Special Education:  Suzanne Laubscher (ext: 2344)


School Psychologists
Heather Masters, Lora Klacik, Gretchen Warren, Sarah Balduino





pdfSpecial Education Plan Report (for July 2015 through June 2018) for Public Review


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Office of Superintendent
86 Administration Drive
Mill Hall, PA 17751
(570) 893-4903

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