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Unpaid Meal Charge Procedure

Keystone Central School District’s Food Service department recognizes adequate nutrition is essential to students’ mental, physical, and academic growth. All children (grades K through grade 12) participating in the national school breakfast program and the national school lunch program, whether at a free, reduced, or paid rate, will receive a full reimbursable breakfast and/or lunch meal that meets USDA requirements regardless if they do not have adequate money in their student account or in hand to cover the cost of the meal at the time of service.  The district withholds meals from a student only if the district receives written direction from a parent or guardian.

If a student does not have adequate money in their student account or in hand to cover the cost of the meal at the time of service, all students may choose a meal from required component contributions to create a reimbursable meal. The food service cashier keys a reimbursable breakfast and/or lunch meal charging the student’s account accordingly. The Food Service secretary runs a weekly report via eTrition showing all student accounts in a negative balance greater than $10.00. Upon the first occurrence when a student account is in a negative balance greater than $10.00, the Food Service secretary sends a written letter to the household asking for the student balance to be paid and also sends a copy of the policy for unpaid meal charges to the household along with the letter.  This monetary amount is less than five meals owed. Upon the second consecutive occurrence when a student account is in a negative balance greater than $10.00, the Food Service secretary notifies the Security Office via written report. The Security Office mentions the charge policy on reminder calls to households and is responsible to contact each household and maintain documentation of each household communication interaction.  Once a negative account balance reaches $50.00, the Food Service Secretary sends a letter to each household informing them if the negative account balance is not paid in full within 30 days from the date of the letter, the household may face legal action.  For students enrolled in grades nine through twelve, appropriate school personnel may individually and discreetly direct communications regarding a low balance or money owed by students.  This is in addition to the communication to the parent/guardian.

The Security Office works with families to establish long-term repayment plans. Unpaid meal charges may be carried over at the end of the school year as a delinquent debt and collection efforts continue into the next school year.

The EZ School website is a pre-payment system whereby students’ families/caregivers can pre-pay for reduced and paid meals as well as a la carte foods. Families may check their account balance and add money electronically from a computer or mobile device using this website. Money may also be added to student accounts via cash or check at the POS at each school. Payments for any meal(s) not received by a student approved for reduced meal prices or paid prices are carried over into the next month. Money left at the end of a school year is carried over into the next school year as delinquent debt and collection efforts continue into the new school year. If a student graduates and has money left in their student account, the Food Service office sends full reimbursement to the household. If a student withdraws from school and has more than $5.00 in their account, the Food Service department sends a letter to the household asking if they would like to receive full reimbursement.

Gifts or donated funds are accepted by the Food Service Department for the purpose of offsetting delinquent student meal accounts.  Individual student meal accounts are credited first to free student account, next to reduced student accounts, and third to paid student accounts.

The above policy is provided in writing via student handbook and electronically during on- line registration to all households at the start of each school year and to households that transfer to Keystone Central School District during the school year. Both English and Spanish versions of this policy are available to all households. This policy is provided to households through a letter the first time it is applied to a student. Additionally, this policy is available on the Keystone Central School District’s website at . This meal charge policy is provided to and is reviewed with all school level staff responsible for policy enforcement, including food service personnel responsible for collecting payment for meals at the point of service, food service staff responsible for notifying families of low balances, and school security staff involved in notifying families of negative balances. School nurses, guidance counselors, principals, assistant principals, and other administrators are informed of this procedure.

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