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Volunteer Opportunities

Red Cross
320 East Third Street
Williamsport, PA, 17701
(570) 326-9131

Red CrossThe Red Cross runs the Bloodmobile, Provides Disaster Relief and offers CPR and First-Aid classes.

Volunteers assist with Bloodmobile set up and clean up, assist in feeding, clothing and sheltering disaster victims and instructing/assisting with CPR and First-Aid classes.
Volunteer hours are flexible with the individual's schedule.
No special skills are required of the volunteer, except for CPR and First-Aid Instructor Certification if planning to instruct or assist with classes.
Any training required for services will be provided by the Red Cross.

Women's Center
34 West Main Street
Lock Haven, PA 17745

The Women's Center works with both women and men who are victims of domestic abuse or sexual assault.
Volunteers can choose from any of the following three areas of service:
Direct Service Volunteer *Requires 65 hours of training provided in September.
The volunteer works directly with clients.
includes evening support groups, community education and one-on-one counseling.
Non-Direct Volunteers *NO training is required.
cleaning, paperwork and set up/clean up of programs.
Child Care Volunteers *Training is required for one-on-one sessions with children. *NO training is required for assisting a staff member with programs.
Volunteer hours are flexible with individual's schedule.
Training required where noted above. **Interviews are required for ALL volunteers.
Volunteers should contact Julie Condo at 748-9509.

Senior Citizen's Center
352 East Water St.Kenneth G. Tarr Building
Lock Haven, PA 17745

The Senior Citizen's Center runs the Meals on Wheels program and the Friendly Visitor program.
Volunteers help run activities such as bingo, cards, speakers, special events, and flexibility and exercise programs (P.E.P.P.I). They also serve afternoon and evening meals. Serve as a Meals on Wheels driver or runner (Must have own car-paid 25 cents per mile) or be a Friendly Visitor and go to the homes of senior citizens and spend time with them. Volunteers can also do yard maintenance such as rake leaves mow lawns, etc. for senior citizens.
Hours of operation of the Senior Citizen's Center are M-F 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Volunteer hours are flexible within these times.
Volunteers should contact Cindy Simcox at 748-2906

Lock Haven Hospital
Lock Haven, PA 17745

The hospital volunteers provide a number of services for the patients and staff. Volunteers are divided into three categories:
Volunteer Program (age 14 through graduation of high school)
College Volunteers (undergraduate and graduate students)
Adult (age 18 or older and not in college) *Note: A letter of reference may be requested from the hospital after 50 volunteer hours have been completed.
Volunteer Program
ice water delivery
recreational therapy, which consists of transporting patients and helping with activities such as bingo, parties and picnics.
recreation aides

The College and Adult Programs are broken down into four areas:
Patient/Resident Contact
chaplain aides
patient transport
friendly visitors
recreation aides
hospitality cart sales
Tot Trax
ice water delivery-mealtime assistance
Public Contact
dietary cashier
information desk
emergency department waiting room
messenger service
gift shop sales
surgical suite waiting room
medical library aides
human resources
business office
medical records
community services
data processing
social services
extended care administration
central supply
Volunteer hours are flexible with individual's schedule.
Orientation and training provided.
Volunteers should contact Volunteer Services at 893-5500.

22 Cree Drive
Lock Haven, Pa 17745

Susqueview is a skilled nursing home and out-patient therapy facility.
Volunteers can choose from a variety of activities, including: Bible Study, BINGO, Sing-a-longs, Friendly visits, Birthday gifts and cake (once a month), games, church services, transport around and to rehab, and dining services.
Volunteer hours are flexible with the individual's schedule.
All volunteers must complete a brief orientation before beginning.
Volunteers should contact Lisa Brown at 748-9377 ext.526

American Cancer Society
212 Pine Street
Williamsport, Pa. 17701

The American Cancer Society is involved in providing cancer research on a national level, public and private education, curriculum kits to schools which include models and display boards for schools and organizations, patient services including nutritional supplements, financial reimbursement, bed liners, wigs and support programs.
Volunteers would be involved with office work, do educational programs, be speakers and assist with fund raising events- such as the Daffodil Days.
Volunteer hours are flexible with the individual's schedule and location, since the office is in William sport. It is possible for the volunteer to work out of your home.
Some training is required for the Educational programs and speakers; Training is provided by the American Cancer Society.
Volunteers should contact the Community Organization Specialist at 748-6072.

Infant Development Center
980 East Water Street
Lock Haven, Pa. 17745

The Center provides early intervention for children from birth to 5 years old. Services offered include Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy, Hearing Therapy and Developmental Education.
Volunteers can assist with Child Care and the Paranatal Program.
The Paranatal Program is a consultation program for pregnant teens.
Volunteer hours are flexible with the individual's schedule. * Child Care is during the evenings and the Paranatal Program is on an as needed basis- individual schedule is made with each client.
The only special skill required is "a good heart."
Volunteers should contact Lisa Bartholomew for the Child Care program and Terri Mauch for the Paranatal Program; both at 748-3928.

Heartland Retirement Personal Care Home
Heartland is a residential home for Senior Citizens.

Volunteers will work to motivate residents by interacting with them through activies, such as games, puzzles, exercise, conversation and whatever other activities the volunteer wishes to do.
Volunteers are needed Monday through Friday between the hours of 1-4pm and 6-8pm. Saturdays are also a possibility.
There are no special skills required to volunteer. However, some experience with Senior Citizens is preferred, but NOT required.
Excellent opportunity for Therapeutic Recreation students.
There will be a brief orientation session to familiarize the volunteer with the residents and the home.
It is requested that a short background is provided by the volunteer.
Interested volunteers can contact either Sherrie Connelley or Chris Shearer at 748-0571 or 726-7262.


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