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Federal Programs Complaint Form for Private Schools


The Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) as reauthorized by the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 (NCLB), requires school districts to provide equitable services to eligible private school students, teachers, educational personnel, and parents (in some programs). Under Title IX, Part E - Uniform Provisions, Subpart 1 - Private Schools, public school district staff a re required to conduct timely and meaningful consultation with private school staff to determine the educational needs of the private school students. The information gathered provides direction for the services that are then provided to the private school students and the teaching staff. Through the consultation process, school districts build positive relationships with their private schools, which increases communication and minimizes any problems that may arise.

The Federal Programs office at Keystone Central School District encourages private school officials and school districts to work together to try to resolve disagreements that affect the services provided. When private school officials and districts are not able to resolve differences through direct communication, there is a formal process available. (NCLS, Section 9501)

Any individual or organization may file a signed, written complaint if it believes the state, a local school district, an educational service district or other sub-grantee has violated one or more requirements of federal statutes or regulations that apply to a federal program. Or regulations or state regulations that apply to an ESEA program. If private school officials believe that timely and meaningful consultation has not occurred or that the di strict did not give due consideration to their views. they should first contact the ESEA Programs representative or superintendent at the school district to discuss their concerns. I f the concern is not satisfactorily resolved. the private school has the right to contact the Federal Programs office at KCSD for resolution. In the event the concern is not resolved. the private school has the right to file a formal written complaint with KCSD.

The formal written complaint should include:

  • A statement that the district. other educational agency or in some cases KCSD has violated a requirement of a Federal statue or regulation that applies to a program requiring equitable participation;
  • The specific requirement alleged to have been violated:
  • the facts on which the complaint is based:
  • The name and address of the complainant:
  • The expected resolution or the alleged violation; and
  • The signature of the complainant.

A complaint should be sent directly to:

Office of Superintendent of Keystone Central School District, Attn: Federal Programs Office, 86 Administration Drive, Mill Hall, PA 17751

Receipt of a complaint activates a time limit not to exceed sixty (60) calendar days. After a complaint is received by the KCSD Superintendent. a copy of the complaint, along with any accompanying documentation, is reviewed by administrators of the school district and the district is asked to respond to the allegations. A copy of the district's response is sent to the complainant and he or she is given an opportunity to reply to the district's response. All actions shall be instituted no later than thirty (3 0) calendar days following the date of the decision. A written decision by PDE is the final decision in the matter. A complaint is considered resolved when the superintendent has issued a written decision and corrective measures. if warranted. have been completed. Appeals to KCSD decisions can be made to the United States Department of Education. (NCLB. Section 9503(b)) Federal Programs staff members are available to answer questions from districts and private schools regarding private school consultation and services (570-893- 4900, ext. 2337; or through email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).

 Below is the Federal Programs Complaint Form for Private Schools:

pdfComplaint Form


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