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Teacher / Parent Educational Resources

Test Samplers / Resources

This page contains Item Samplers for the PSSA and Keystone Exams.  These samplers contain practice items that mirror the kinds of questions students are asked on the high stakes tests.  Some of the samples are “released items” that appeared on prior active exams.  Additionally, the samplers have scoring guidelines to enable teachers to communicate with students about what is expected of them.  The samplers can be used as a tool in the classroom, or as a model for teachers as they create their own assessments using local resources.


Learning Progressions - ELA, Math, Science

Learning progressions are sequenced sets of building blocks that students must learn on the way to mastering a more complex curricular goal.  The progressions list the subskills that students need in order to achieve the final target.  For example, the Literacy progression for Writing and English Composition shows the final curricular goal as it will be assessed on the Keystone Exam in high school.  However, the building blocks for these skills begin with mastery of particular subskills as early as 3rd grade.     


Keystone Exams---Algebra I Resources (sample assessments)

 This page contains Algebra I materials aligned with the Keystone Exam.  It also lists resources for the teacher, resources for the student, and sample practice assessments that mirror the format of the Keystone Exam.  Items for both Module 1, Operations and Linear Equations and Inequalities and Module 2, Linear Functions and Data Organizations are included. 


Information About PA Core Standards

This page is dedicated specifically to the work happening to create the Pennsylvania Common Core.  The standard documents for English Language Arts and Mathematics are available, along with documents outlining Reading and Writing Standards for Science and Technical Subjects as well as History and Social Studies.


Classroom Checklists

The Elementary and Secondary Classroom Checklists are district-developed documents that are revised and distributed to all teachers annually.  The checklists outline expectations that will lead to high quality instruction and improved student achievement.   Various purposes of the checklist include:

  • To promote a reflective teaching practice
  • To build a common language
  • To articulate expectations
  • To assure continuity across buildings and classrooms
  • To increase student achievement
  • To provide a “cross walk” with the PA Teacher Observation Tool
  • To serve as a guide in order to receive a “Distinguished” evaluation


K-5 Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening Assessment Packet

This assessment packet contains various formative assessments to help teachers determine student needs, and to design the appropriate instruction to meet those needs.  The assessments contained in the packet were designed by KCSD teachers and administrators, and are reviewed and revised as needed each year.  Fluency, word study, accuracy, phonics, phonemic awareness, concepts about print, DIBELS, text features, and academic vocabulary are some of the assessments utilized at the various levels.  The packet also contains a wealth of resources for the teacher. 


Common Core Text Exemplars

This document outlines texts that could be used to teach the English Language Arts Common Core Standards.  These are not all-inclusive lists, nor should they be thought of as required reading.  Rather, the lists serve as a guide for teachers at various grade levels to help select appropriate texts for students.


Depth of Knowledge Levels

The Depth of Knowledge Chart represents a hierarchy of skills beginning with Level One, Recall to Level Four, Extended Thinking.  In order to meet the demands of the PA Common Core Standards, it is critical for questioning to move to the higher levels, and for students to be able to show mastery of the skills represented in the various levels. 


English/Language Arts Common Core Vocabulary (Grades 3-5)

This document contains academic vocabulary for the English Language Arts Common Core Standards for grades 3-5.  Knowledge of vocabulary is not just the ability to define words.  Students must be able to apply their knowledge of the vocabulary to answer high level questions.


Voluntary Model Curriculum Units and Lesson Plans

This page contains a series of units with the corresponding lesson plans, as well as links to resources aligned to the PA Common Core Standards.  Units and lesson plans are available for English Language Arts, Mathematics, and Science. 


Assessment Creator

This resource enables teachers to create assessments to monitor student mastery of  the skills associated with the PA Common Core Standards.  The page also contains information about the various types of assessment; summative, formative, benchmark, and diagnostic.        



This page allows teachers access to the PA Common Core Standards, as well as the original standards documents developed by the Pennsylvania Department of Education.  The content can be searched by grade level or by particular course of study. 


Mathematics Formula Sheets/PSSA

This page contains links to the formula sheets for the upcoming PSSA Mathematics test.  Students have access to these sheets during the testing session.  Teachers will utilize the sheets throughout their classroom instruction so students are well versed in the use of the formulas.




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